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Suri Alpaca as Pets

Alpacas can make great pets, they are friendly and inquisitive and can easily be trained to lead on a halter. If you want pet alpacas you are best to buy ones that are friendly and that you form a connection with. It is very important to visit the alpacas to make sure they suit you before committing to a purchase.

At Surico we have an ever changing line up of potential pet alpacas. Prices start from $1,500 including gst for a package of three. Contact us to arrange a visit to see what is available today. Email or phone 07 33 22 362.


Selecting your pet alpaca

Pet alpacas are usually males that have not met the high standard required for stud males and therefore are not suitable for breeding.

Young males are generally offered in groups of 2 or 3 (as they are herd animals) after they have been weaned at about 6 months old. Mostly they are chosen for their cuteness.

They should be in good health, lively, bright eyed and friendly.

Sometimes they are neutered (called wethers) but it is very important to wait until they are 18 months old for health and welfare reasons. Males that are neutered before they have reached full size may grow to be over-large and have problems with their leg bones later in life.

Males that have not been neutered are still friendly and do not act aggressively towards humans. But beware of the bottle raised male - he may be very friendly but he doesn't know to draw the line between human and alpaca.

If you are new to owning livestock it is really important to select your pet alpacas from someone who is close by and can help you out as you learn about them.

Questions to ask about Pets

Below are some questions to ask an owner before deciding to buy their alpacas.

Will you help me with shearing?

Will you show me how to trim their toe nails and give them vaccinations?

Can I phone you with questions?

Will you guide me through the Facial Eczema season?

Will you deliver my alpacas?

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