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Stud Services


Why choose a Surico Stud Service?

Stud Servicing is all about getting the best possible alpaca genetics for your herd.  We can take away all the stress and expense of purchasing and owning a stud male by providing you the right male for each female in your herd and only when you need him.

What is Stud Servicing?

With Stud Servicing you don't own the male, you are effectively renting him for the job.  We can provide a stud service for you either on your farm through "mobile mating" or "lease".  Alternatively you can bring you female alpaca to us for an "on farm" mating or a "driveby" mating.

How it works...

We work with you to make the best choice from our selection of stud males and the type of mating that best fits your situation.  The first step is to contact us for an obligation free chat. You can tell us your Stud Servicing requirements and we'll run through them with you. From there we can prepare a proposal and quote to meet your needs.  Once you are happy we can book the first visit.

Why Us?

When you're looking for Stud Services you will be looking for value, we've got the genetics, quality and experience to deliver you a real step forward towards your breeding goals.  Our vision is to make New Zealand the leading suri producers in the world and to do this we want to help all suri breeders achieve breeding success.

Need Quality Stud Servicing? Talk to us!

If you're interested in Suri Stud Services, we'd love to hear from you. For an obligation free chat, simply give us a call on 07 3322 362 or email us and we'll be in touch fast.


Our Stud Males

Surico Checkmate

Checkmate is an outstanding  male with an outstanding pedigree, his sire is Surico Onedin and grandsire is Parsifal. His dam is Surico Ballerina and her sire was Brilliante. Both Ballerina [2007] and Onedin [2012] were NZ Supreme Champion Suri. Checkmate in 2019 and full brother Bolero in 2016 [now in UK] were also  NZ Supremes.  He has magnificient fleece stats.

2019 M-13.8 SD-3.0

2020 M-17.3 SD-3.8


Surico Valiant

Valiant-201308-crop-sm.jpgSurico Valiant brings you all aspects found in a quality Suri stud male. He has the genetics to back up his selection...Unavailable

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Surico Johann

Surico_Johann_158_edit_crop_sm.jpgJohann is working with cria on the ground. He is a compact male with a well conformed frame and fleece that is retaining fineness...Unavailable

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Surico Tangier

Surico Tangier was winner of the 2011 National Supreme Championship...

He is no longer available for sale or matings.....

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Surico Atlas


Atlas is a stunning male with outstanding breeding. His fleece hangs in a multitude of tiny locks indicating excellent density. 


Surico Caballero


Caballero has a fine uniform fleece with great lustre. He has a large frame and a strong build. He has an excellent pedigree.

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Surico Matisse



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Surico Picasso



Picasso is a strong boned, well conformed young male with a good upright stance.

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Surico Orion


Orion is hearty young male, ready and eager to work. He has excellent parentage with reliable genetics.

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Surico Ranaldo


Ranaldo stood out from birth. Right from the "get go" he exhibited extreme lustre. Unavailable

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HNZ Silken Prince


Silken Prince is a strong boned well-grown upright male. Bred in Ashburton by Russell and Carolyn Nelson...

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LO Zambezi


Zambezi has good lustre, lock structure and style with lovely handle. Bred from a range of black genetics...

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