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Male Suri

We are very careful about selecting males to be used for breeding and only those exhibiting outstanding qualities and pedigree are chosen. We only offer males that we would use in our own breeding program. These males all possess the necessary breeding and phenotypical traits needed to develop a quality suri breeding program.

Surico Bolero



Bolero has been sold to Tom and Wendy Scott of Dark Sky Alpacas in UK.


Surico Tangier

Surico Tangier was winner of the 2011 National Supreme Championship...

He is no longer available for sale or matings.....

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Surico Caballero


Caballero has a fine uniform fleece with great lustre. He has a large frame and a strong build. He has an excellent pedigree.

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Surico Bazille


Surico Bazille is well built young male with an imposing presence. Great fllece characteristics and awesome pedigree.

Surico Walkinshaw


Surico Walkinshaw was a standout from the day he was born. His luster fineness and density are excellent...

Please note only 2x 25% shares are left available and conditions will apply........

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Up and coming young males

Surico Hughie


Surico Hughie has great fleece traits, excellent pedigree and an exciting show record...... 



Surico Lorient



Surico Lorient has been sold to Tom and Wendy Scott of Dark Sky Alpacas in the UK.

Surico Tasman


Surico Tasman is special, he has a very endearing personality along withh all his other super suri traits.

His pedigree is special too.



Selecting a suri stud male by trait

The suri traits we concentrate on are fineness, uniformity of micron, density, and lustre, so it is these strengths we look for in our stud males. You may also be after a male for breeding colour while not compromising quality.


Fineness can and should be measured for each suri in your herd to ensure you can analyse how individual suri are performing along with the average of your herd. We have selected males in this catagory that have maintained a good average micron, come from family lines that produce fine micron or consistently produce fine micron offspring.

Uniformity of micron

Uniformity of micron is probably the most important trait for breeding fibre producing alpaca.


Density is important to breeders as the more fleece grown per alpaca the greater the return.


The high natural lustre of suri makes it unique amongst natural fibres giving it a real point of difference. This makes it a very important trait to select when breeding. All males selected for breeding at Surico must have exceptional lustre.


As suri are very rare animals breeding quality suri is a difficult business, breeding quality in colour is even harder. At Surico we have selecetd males that have coloured fleeces and/or coloured blackgrounds but also display the quality traits required for improvement in a coloured breeding program.

Lock Structure

Locking is a much talked about trait in suri, but we feel it is often misunderstood. At Surico we have not bred for lock structure at all but have achieved suri with naturally independant flat locks by concentrating on improving the uniformity of micron and increasing the density, so we believe these features have a strong link.


All the males offered here have excellent conformation as all breeding males should. Solid bone and strength [especially in back quarters] we view as very important when choosing a herdsire.


All animals sold as breeding stock are sold with an independent veterinary check for health and soundness. All breeding stock males and females are sold with a fertility guarantee and pregnant females with promise of a live birth or free return service.


All prices quoted are exclusive of gst. Free delivery in the North Island and all costs relating to transfer on the IAR for registered animals.

After-Sales Support

To provide on going support for our clients we are always available. Whether by phone or email we are able to provide 24 hour back-up. For tips on husbandry, health concerns, or reassurance at birthing time, we are here to help. Read more

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