Surico ArmadaArmada_May14_crop_6x8_sm_IMG_0654.jpg


Sire; Surilana Mister B E.T

Dam; Surico Meribel

DOB; 5/4/2012

IAR;  1007665

Fleece; 2012 | M-18.3 | SD-4.0 | 

              2013 | M-18.6 | SD-4.2 |

              2014 | M-24.3 | SD-5.1 |

Last Mated; To Surico Vivo 14/03/2017

Armada is an excellent example of the suri breed with superb conformation and dense well structured fleece that is also fine and uniform. She is light fawn. She has just started out in her breeding life and is proving to be an excellent mother. She has a superior pedigree, with a long line of Accoyo males in her background. This gives her an exciting future as a key breeding female. 


2015 Surico Killarney. Her first cria is a light fawn female, by Surico Ranaldo, exhibiting a long, lustrous fleece. She made an early impact in the show ring, winning Champion Junior female at the 2015 AANZ National Show at Mystery Creek. Killarney's extensive pedigree enhances her breeding worth.

2016 Surico Kerry. Another light fawn cria with great fleece development at an early age. This young female, sired by Alinghi won Supreme Suri at Franklin A&P Show 2017. Now sold to Richard and Wendy Farquhar of Dunedin.

2017 Surico Dublin A male sired by Surico Onedin, great genetics.



Sire; Surilana Mister B ET. MrB has proved to be an excellent addition to the Surico breeding programme, providing some extra Accoyo genetics to enhance those already being used. He was the 2007 Australian National Spreme Champion at just a year old and came to Surico shortly afterwards. He has created some noteable progeny for Surico, Surico Walkinshaw 2012 NZ National Supreme Champion, Surico Hussar a multple award winner in fawn, and Surico Nordica also a multiple award winner, all 3 have become studs in the Surico stable of excellent males. 

Dam; Surico Meribel is one of the most valuable breeding females in the Surico herd. She consistently produces quality progeny, all have been in the Surico show team and the 2 older males have become important stud males. Her 2015 cria, Surico Renard is one of our best ever. Now sold to Sweden.


Show Results

Armada has been awarded multiple broad ribbons at shows in both fleece and the breed ring. She was Supreme Champion Suri at the 2013 Waikato Show.

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Surico Pixie

Surico Pixie

22/2/21 IAR 1024280

Sire; Surico Walkinshaw

Dam; Surico Palmyra

Pixie is a fiesty young maiden, ready to be mated  in the 2023 season. She has a beautiful fleece, with quality traits in density, micron, lustre and length. 

Both parents have enviable show records, Walkinshaw was 2012 National Supreme and Palmyra Champion Intermediate Female Suri in 2018. Pixie was Champion Intermediate Female Suri at Waikato 2022