Alinghi-201308-crop-sm.jpgSurico Alinghi

IAR 131752 | DOB 19/05/2007 - 22/02/2019

Sire Kaihere Accoyo Brilliante

Dam Somerset Silken Amy

Status - Proven stud male - Parent verified


2009 | M 17.5 | SD 4.0 | CV 22.6% | CF 100%

2009 | M 21.1 | SD 4.4 | CV 20.3%

2010 | M 21.0 | SD 4.1 | CV 19.7%

2011 | M 24.0 | SD 5.2

2012 | M 23.3 | SD 4.6

2013 | M 23.4 | SD 5.4

2014 | M 24.4 | SD 5.0

2015 | M 25.8 | SD 5.3

2016 | M 25.9 | SD 5.7

Alinghi is the complete package. He has outstanding fineness and handle to his fleece with beautiful lustre. His fleece remains fine and uniform. It is also a dense and well organised fleece indicating density. He is passing all these valuable traits onto his progeny. He has an upstanding, well conformed frame with good bone.

Alinghi is certified and parent verified he has sired over 40 cria; including broad ribbon winners Surico Magritte and Surico Courchevel .Surico Nova was awarded Supreme Champion Fleece at the 2013 International Fleece Show. Surico Vivo took the 2015 Champion Junior Male Suri award at the Royal Easter show in Auckland and Supreme Champion at Hawkes Bay 2015.He went on to win several championships in 2016.  Surico Dali has also represented Surico at 2015-2016 shows gaining many awards.Surico Bazille another of his progeny to have exceeled in the show ring.




Sire: Kaihere Accoyo Brilliante Imported to New Zealand from Peru in 2000 from Don Julio Berreda's Accoyo herd. The name says it all – his brilliant lustre is passed on to his progeny along with density, length, and handle. Brilliante is the sire of many supreme champions including 2007 National Supreme Suri "Surico Ballerina", 2009 National Supreme Suri "Surico Mantavani" and 2008 Central Region Supreme Suri "Surico Alinghi".

Dam: Somerset Silken Amy is an outstanding female she has produced some of the top suri, bred at Surico. Her sire is an Accoyo bred male "Somerset Accoyo Amadeus" and Dam is Alianza bred "Somerset Peruvian Silken Fern who has produced a number of quality suri for us. This female line has produced a number of valuable suri, including Surico Jade, Surico Onedin, Surico Johann, Surico Rosse, Surico Gloriana [France], Surico Paschendale [Sold at 2013 AANZ Elite Auction],Surico Panache, Surico Evolution [Sold] and Surico Gloriata.

Show Credits

Auckland Royal Easter Show 2008, Judge Angela Preuss (Aust)

2nd Junior Male Suri W/LFReserve Champion Junior Male Suri

Central Region Winter Show 2008, Judge Julie Bird (Aust)

1st Intermediate male suri W/LFChampion Intermediate Male SuriSupreme Champion Suri

Waikato's World Show 2008, Judge Kate Mander (NZ)

1st Intermediate male suri W/LFChampion Intermediate Male Suri

Manawatu A&P Show 2008 Rick Hodgson (Aust)

2nd Intermediate Male Suri W/LFReserve Champion Intermediate Male Suri

Rotorua A&P Show 2009 Angela Preuss (Aust)

2nd Intermediate male suri W/LFReserve Champion W/LF Suri [Colour show]


Surico Magritte (National Championship Winner) [Dam of Surico Aphrodite, Surico Venus, Surico Chaos, Surico Atalanta]

Surico Courchevel [Dam of Surico Burton, Surico Fernie, Kazama]

Surico Nova (Supreme Suri - International Fleece Show 2013)

Surico Sofranisba [ Multiple fleece awards]

Surico Alto (Supreme Championship Fleece Winner)

Surico Walkington (Supreme Champion Suri Hawkes Bay 2015)

Surico Greta [exported]

Surico Gauguin [sold]

Surico Lautrec [sold]

Surico Matilda [sold]

Surico Vivo [exported]

Surico Ma Petite

Surico Dali

Surico Trendsetter

Surico Kerry [sold]

Surico Bazille

Surico Fontana

Surico Calvia

Para Nui Cosmos

Other male suri you might be interested in...

Walkinshaw Sons


Surico Walkinshaw...Now no longer with us, but his boys provide some stunning prospects; Surico Trooper [born 2020] made his mark in the 2022 show cicuit as an adult, along with Surico TeRehutai [born 2021] as an intermediate. Surico Torpedo [born 2022] also one to watch.

Mister B Descendants

Surico Trooper out of  SuricoTrendsetter and by Surico Walkinshaw [ by Mr B] a winning combination, with superior fleece stats .

Surico Macca out of Surico Claribel and by Surico Picardy, his medium fawn fleece is stunning.

Surico Te Rehutai named after the Team NZ winning yacht. This young male with Surico Venus as a dam and Surico Walkinshaw as his sire has the true potential to make a remarkable stud.


Young Guns

Surico Ravel and Surico Victory both sired by Surico Bolero are two up and coming young males showing tremendous promise. Fantastic fleece stats and amazing pedigree. We expect cria from Ravel in 2023.

Surico Pirouette is the dam of Ravel and has some of the best Surico genetics. Surico Anna Pavlova is the dam of Victory, she was sold to Germany in 2021 , so her genetics are no longer available in NZ. Victory will be ready to work 2023.

Surico Johann

is working with cria on the ground. He is a compact male with a well conformed frame and fleece that is retaining fineness..UNAVAILABLE