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Alpaca as guards for your chickens

They seem to be pretty good at chasing off ferrets, stoats and weasels. We have seen alpaca chase and attack a stoat that was heading for our chickens, they actually killed it.

Alpaca as surrogate mothers for your lambs

We have sold older females that look after bottle fed lambs, they protect them, keep them together and mother them like their own.

Alpaca as guards for your ducks

Our resident wild mother duck raised all 15 ducklings to fly when she lived in the paddock with the alpaca this year in her first clutch and another 5 in the second clutch.

Check out the stories about alpaca looking after chickens and sheep  on our facebook page 

Have you thought about alpaca


Chicken Guards or Surrogate Mothers for your bottle fed lambs.


We have a selection of older females that would make wonderful guards or sentinels. They are no longer needed for breeding at Surico, but they are healthy and strong.  We have some males too, but these are not suitable for sheep unless castrated.



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