Surico's Females

We have put a lot of resources and effort into the females suri in our herd. We believe a strong female base is every bit as important as the males, even though individually, they have less influence on the whole herd. Without top quality females you cannot breed top quality suri, it is as simple as that. From the  5 original suri females and subsequent addition of another 4 shortly after we have built a world renowned suri alpaca stud. Our females are strong boned, well conformed, have good fecundity and rearing qualities, they have fleece traits that we layer into our breeding regime with each generation.

Surico's Foundation Females

We started with 5 quality females sourced in Australia and originating from Alianza in Peru. Three of these females were mated to males bred by Don Julio Berada at Accoyo in Peru and had recently arrived in Australia, they all produced females which set us on our way quickly to build our herd. We later imported a few more females, again originating from Alianza and added them to our now growing herd of top quality white suri alpaca. Individually they posessed a range of traits necessary for our future goals of breeding a healthy herd of strong, well conformed females with the desirable suri fleece traits, density, fineness,uniformity of micron, lustre and length.

We are extremely proud to be able to claim that each one of our foundation females has a National Supreme Champion in her descendants.

You can read more about the individual females, their progeny and their legacy to NZ suri breeding . ...

Somerset Silken Star

OldStar_crop_sm.jpgStar has been our most prolific breeder with numerous progeny of her own and many, many grand and great grand offspring in the Surico herd.She has 6 generations still producing cria for us.

Somerset Silken Belle

Belle gave us three females, all have been an asset to our breeding program. Her first was Melly, by Icalon, who has cria with fleeces to die for and went on to produce Ballerina the Supreme Champion Suri at the AANZ National Show in 2007. Clio, by Brilliante has produced males that have become studs and great females. Lastly, Athena, by Parsifal who has given us progeny with fleeces exhibiting the best suri traits available.

Surilana Anastasia

Ana_crop_sm.jpgAna was the only fawn that we chose and her descendants have some lovely fawns being produced. Her first cria for us produced our first ever National Supreme Champion in 2005, Surico Yulia.

Surilana Kirsten

Kirsten, daughter of Star has had some wonderful cria, mainly female and she is the grand dam of Surico Walkinshaw 2012 National Supreme Champion. Her other descendants have also produced well, Surico Meribel a grand daughter having produced all wonderful offspring. Chamonix dam of Walkinshaw, Valentina dam of Surico Alto.

Surico Bred Females

Surico Prima Donna

PrimaDonna_6835_crop_sm.jpgPrima Donna daughter of Melly, Surico Silken Melody, has an exquisit fleece with all the hallmarks of a quality suri, it is fine, even micron, dense and lustrous. She has won multiple Supreme awards.