Surico's Males

Accoyo Males

Surilana Parsifal

Pasifal_Final1.jpgSurilana Parsifal is an outstanding stud male with over 200 registered offspring who have 50 supreme champions.

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Kaihere Accoyo Brilliante


Brilliante gave us progeny with his halmark lustre...

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Surilana Rufino

Rufino.JPGRufino maintained his fine even fleece his entire life...

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Surilana Mister B


Surico Bred Males

Surico Bolero


Surico Montpellier


Montpellier is a stunning male with outstanding breeding. His fleece hangs in a multitude of tiny locks indicating excellent density.

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Surico Tangier

Surico Tangier is an outstanding young male.  Winner of the 2011 National Supreme Championship...

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Surico Valiant

Valiant-201308-crop-sm.jpgSurico Valiant brings you all aspects found in a quality Suri stud male. He has the genetics to back up his selection...

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